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Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run celebrates its 58th anniversary with more than 200 runners competing in the popular race

Photo by David Fierro: Asher Beck of Cos Cob was the overall winner of the Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run in Greenwich.

The sight of hundreds of competitors enthusiastically running down Greenwich Avenue early this morning meant one thing: another Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run was taking place.

More than 200 runners tested their speed and endurance at the race, which was held for the 58th time in Greenwich this morning and drew athletes from several states.

The 3.1-mile Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run, sponsored by Betteridge, saw the runners start on Greenwich Avenue, run down Oneida Drive and Indian Harbor Drive, before reaching Davis Avenue and running around Bruce Park, then finishing at Havemeyer Park.

It was a three-person race for first place for the majority of the run, before two runners separated themselves, one of whom was Asher Beck of Cos Cob.

The 16-year-old Beck created distance between himself and his closest competitor during the last mile and proceeded to cross the finish line first to win the annual 5K race. Beck, who is finishing up his sophomore year at Hackley School in Tarrytown, N.Y., registered a winning time of 16:34 capture the race’s overall title.

Photo by David Fierro: Participants wait for the start of the Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run in Greenwich.

“The race got out pretty fast on the downhill, it was a good pace,” Beck said. “There were two or three guys out front. I pulled away with one guy. Coming up the hill on the last mile, I pulled away.”

Peter Kapp III of Greenwich placed second with a time of 17:06 and Piotr Kostyk from Bethel finished third in 17:12. This marked the second year the Jim Fixx race that featured a distance of 5K. It previously was a five-mile run, so obviously, the course has changed.

“I like the course, I like how it goes down the avenue, giving you a fast start and moves to the park,” Beck said. “The end of the race is pretty gutsy with the hill. The last quarter of a mile, the hills were tough.”

Beck is a member of Hackley School’s cross country, indoor track and outdoor track and field teams. Kapp III is a veteran of the Jim Fixx run.

“I’ve been here probably 12 times – a lot of years and I love it,” Kapp said. “Every single year we’re here by 7:45 and ready to run.”

Kapp appreciated the race’s new-look course.

“It was nice, you didn’t have to go as far uphill, which was nice,” he said. “I’ve always loved the long downhill, so we didn’t lose that and it was good.”

Photo by David Fierro: Peter Kapp III approaches the finish line at the Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run.

“I was happy with my finish, it was great to run with him (Beck) for the first half of the race, then he pulled away,” Kapp III continued.

Kostyk had an impressive performance in his first Jim Fixx run.

“It was a great course,” Kostyk said. “The competition was great, those two guys I was running with were pacing it well. I was looking for a personal-best today and I came up a little short, but it was still a fun race. It was a good way to stay active in the morning and I hope to come back next year.”

Photo by David Fierro: Piotr Kostyk of Bethel placed third overall in the Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run.

Peter Kapp of Greenwich (18:20), Brenton Arnaboldi (Greenwich, 18:45), Jack Briode (Old Greenwich, 19:03), Steven Moore (Cos Cob, 19:34), Frank Drury (New York, N.Y., 19:57), Erik Horn (Old Greenwich, 20:09), Jeffrey Gerbert (Stamford, 20:15.3) and Connor McDonnell (20:17.0) rounded out the top-10 overall finishers.

Kelly Annunziato from Greenwich was the women’s Jim Fixx champion. Annunziato crossed the finish line in 21:25. She was 20th overall in the race.

“It was fun, I didn’t know much about the race going into it,” Annunziato said. It was fun, running through the water and Bruce Park, then up the hill and back. I didn’t realize I was the first female until someone told me. I was in the pack with the guys and tried to keep up with them.”

Photo by David Fierro: Kelly Annunziato was the female champion at the Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run.

Stamford’s Ana Clavijo was the second female finisher, posting a time of 21:34. She finished in 21st place overall.

“I was really happy,” Calvijo said. “I just came to have fun and it’s a big surprise I got second place.”

The Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run always features runners who return to the event each year. Devin Mehra, a 2012 Brunswick School graduate is one of the return runners.

“I always enjoy competing in this race,” Mehra said. “Most importantly, it’s about the people. There was someone on the course, who was a 10-year-old kid, that encouraged me. I was cramping up and he was like ‘hey, let’s keep going.’ The spirit of competition but supporting each other is really cool to have within the community. It’s all about doing your best but connecting with those around you.”

A Greenwich native, Mehra has worked and resided in Manhattan for numerous years, however, he will soon be moving to Texas, where he will attend Rice University and pursue a Masters Degree. He hopes to return to Greenwich for a bit next May and possibly compete in another Jim Fixx race.

The Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K run began at Greenwich Avenue and concluded at Havemeyer Park.

Age-group winners were also presented with awards at the race. The following runners won their respective age-group title at the Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run.

Soren Edwards of Riverside (Male 12-under champion, 22:37), Malina Santee (Female 12-under winner, 25:01), Jack Briode, Old Greenwich (Male 13-19 year-old winner, 19:04), Tate Harman (Greenwich, Female 13-19 year-old champion, 23:25), Ryan Lynch (Greenwich, male 20-24, 20:56), Ava Dupont (Greenwich, 20-24 winner, 25:38), Efrain Pontanza (Danbury, male 25-29, 19:56), Caroline Wiehs (Darien, 25-29, female, 25:37), Brenton Arnaboldi (Greenwich, 18:46, male 30-34), Christine Nolan (Pleasantville, N.Y., female 30-34, 23:38), Steven Moore (Cos Cob, male 35-39, 19:35), Dori Jones (Riverside, female, 35-39, 23:17), Omar Yacoub (Stamford, male, 40-44, 21:52), Regina Laudieri (Greenwich, female, 40-44, 23:19), Peter Kapp (Greenwich, male 45-49, 18:20), Marli Meier (Greenwich, 45-49 female, 25:01).

Vincent Foley (Stamford, male 50-54, 20:22), Christine Hees (Yonkers, N.Y., 50-54, 26:17), Jeffrey Gerbert (Stamford, 55-59 20:16), Lisa Tuffy (New Canaan, 55-59, 23:22), Frank Drury (New York, N.Y., 60-64, 19:58), Susie Snyder (Hawthorne, N.Y., 60-64, 23:52), George Nelson (Cos Cob, 65-69, 24:54), Debbie McGarrity (Greenwich, 32:54, 65-69), Terry Betteridge (Greenwich, 70-and-over, 26:21).

More than 200 runners turned out for the Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run.

The Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run also included two kids races.

Youngsters run around the track at Havemeyer Park in Greenwich at the Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run.

Jim Fixx Memorial Day 5K Run Results

ASHER BECK, Cos Cob, 16:34.0; PETER III KAPP, Greenwich, 17:06.3; PIOTR KOSTYK, Bethel, 17:12.0; PETER KAPP Greenwich, 18:19.6; BRENTON ARNABOLDI, Greenwich, 18:45.0; JACK BROIDE, Old Greenwich, 19:03.7; STEVEN MOORE, Cos Cob, 19:34.6; FRANK DRURY, New York, 19:57.8; ERIK HORN, Old Greenwich, 20:09.3; JEFFREY GERBERT, Stamford, 20:15.3; CONNOR MCDONNELL, Cos Cob, 20:17.0; VINCENT FOLEY, Stamford, 20:21.0; HAJIME AGRESTA, Cos Cob, 20:26.8; DYLAN ABEL, Stamford, 20:40.7; ANATOLY VARTOSU, 20:52.0; RYAN LYNCH, Greenwich, 20:55.6; CHARLIE ZUKAUSKAS, Greenwich, 21:14.9; YUTA HIOKI, Greenwich, 21:15.0; LUIS SALTO, Greenwich, 21:23.5; KELLY ANNUNZIATO, Greenwich, 21:25; ANA CLAVIJO, Stamford, 21:33. THOMAS ANDRUSS, Greenwich, 21:41.4; MATEO GIGLIANI, Old Greenwich, 21:46.5; OMAR YACOUB, Stamford, 21:51.0; SILVIA GALIASSO, Riverside, 21:51.8; JOHN CAREY, Old Greenwich, 21:55.4 ALAIN BENZAKEN, Stamford, 22:05.6; MIKE BECK, Cos Cob, 22:07.2;     GREG TANENBAUM, Greenwich, 22:08.4; MATTHEW CROSS, New Canaan, 22:14.8; VIVEK PABBY, Mount Kisco, NY, 22:20.0; ALEC BANDZES, Greenwich, 22:21.3; OLIVER SHEPPARD, Riverside, 22:22.3; ADAM NORRIS, Norwalk, 22:32.3; SOREN EDWARDS, Riverside, 22:36.2; TASH FRUSZTAJER, Guilford, 22:38.5; JAMES CITRIN, Riverside, 22:41.2; JOE SKELLY , Stamford, 22:45.0; BRUCE SEMER, Greenwich, 22:53.7; MATTHEW MALONE, Greenwich, 23:08.3; THEODORE FALES, Riverside, 23:09.1; LEO ARNABOLDI, Greenwich, 23:14.8; DORI JONES, Riverside, 23:16.4; REGINA LAUDIERI, Greenwich, 23:18.7; LUKE JUSTUS, Old Greenwich, 23:20.4; MATTHEW VAN ORDEN, Greenwich, 23:21.4; LISA TUFFY, New Canaan, 23:21.8; STEVE WILSON, Riverside, 23:24.6; TAITE HARMAN, Greenwich, 23:25.0; BRIAN HENNIGAN , Riverside, 23:27.8; NIGEL GLENDAY, Riverside, 23:32.1; CHRISTINE NOLAN, Pleasantville, NY, 23:37.4; JONATHAN PASTEL, Greenwich, 23:41.1; DONALD GUSTAVSON , Knoxville, TN, 23:42.0; SUSIE SNYDER, Hawthorne, NY, 23:51.7; JOHANNA TULFER, Riverside, 23:56.2; EMILY GRANT, Greenwich, 24:03.4; LAWRENCE PERSICK, West Chester, PA, 24:06.7; BRIAN LLOYD, Los Angeles, CA, 24:07.4;LIZZIE THOMPSON,Los Angeles, CA, 24:07.5; MARTIN CURLEY, Cos Cob, 24:10.7; JACK BROWN, Newtown, 24:15.0; JEFF ABRAMOFF, Greenwich, 24:15.6; KERRIE SALAVERRIA, Old Greenwich, 24:25.6; DEVIN MEHRA, Greenwich, 24:40.3l; JOSEPH IANNUCCILLI, Bryn Mawr, PA, 24:45.2; JAMES BUCK, Greenwich, 24:46.0; GEORGE NELSON, Cos Cob, 24:53.6; MALINA SANTEE, Chappaqua, NY, 25:00.6; MARLI MEIER, Greenwich, 25:00.9; PETER SCANNELL, Greenwich, 25:01.2; SYDNEY FETTEN, Greenwich, 25:10.15; BARBARA ROSATI, Norwalk, 25:23.4; GREG HARTCH, Greenwich, 25:29.4; DOUG REILLY, Darien, 25:34.8; CAROLINE WEIHS, Darien, 25:36.1; AVA DUPONT, Greenwich, 25:37.1; RICHARD DUPONT, Greenwich, 25:37.2; ANDERSON WIENER, GREENWICH,        25:46.2; ERICH GRASSO, Eastchester, NY, 25:53.1; EFRAIN PONTAZA ISLAS, Danbury, 26:00.1; THOMAS FAJARDO, East Haven, 26:01.8; NICK BUCK, Greenwich, 26:04.4; PATRICIA HORTON, Stamford, 26:05.5; KARL PELIKAN, Greenwich, 26:09.5; LEE FIGUEROA, Stamford, 26:13.3; CARYN RUDE, New York, NY 26:16.2; CHRISTINE HEES, Yonkers, NY, 26:16.2; GEOFFREY SAUNDERS, Norwalk, 26:19.4; TERRY BETTERIDGE, Greenwich, 26:20.3; MARTY BROWN, Malverne, NY, 26:32.0; WAYNE ROBERTS, Greenwich,    26:35.5; SIXTO LONDA, Greenwich, 26:38.4; ANDREW WIENER, Greenwich, 26:43.1; ISABEL GRIFFITHS, Bridgeport, 26:45.2; NIGEL FREEMAN, Lagrangeville, NY, 26:57.0; HENRY STONE,Cos Cob, 26:58.0; DEVYN SMITH, Norwalk, 27:16.0; JOHN KRASNIEWICZ, Stamford, 27:23.3; WESLEY CRAIG, Greenwich, 27:31.6; DONNA ROSATO, Greenwich, 27:35.1; MARC LORENTI, Stamford, 27:35.4; ALEXANDER YOUNG, Riverside, 27:36.5; CATHERINE SHERZER, Riverside, 27:41.5; GRZEGORZ LUNSKI, Middletown, 27:49.5; KEVIN LLOYD, Darien, 27:49.9; GEORGE SOLARI, Greenwich, 28:03.5; JOSEPH HADLEY, Greenwich, 28:07.1; MATTHEW CINA, Greenwich, 28:08.3; SOFIA ESTAY, Greenwich, 28:08.5; KIERAN CURLEY, Cos Cob, 28:08.6; ELIZABETH LEVISON, Greenwich, 28:13.0; JOAN LYNCH          Greenwich, 28:14.7; KENLEY VINETT, Greenwich, 28:15.9; JOANNA PODEWILS, Greenwich, 28:16.1; DAVID LEVINE, Greenwich, 28:19.2; WILLIAM MCSTRAVICK, Riverside, 28:19.5; KIMBERLY RANEY, Greenwich, 28:22.1; FERNANDA GUERRA, Stamford, 28:30.9; QUENTIN BALL, Greenwich, 28:36.2; LISA BERGTRAUM, New York, NY, 28:39.6; MANUEL MENDOZA, Greenwich, 28:41.0; TOUFIC WAKIM, Greenwich, 28:42.1; KATHRYN VELTRE, Norwalk, 28:47.0; MICHAEL ROE, Old Greenwich, 28:48.1; NOAH RHODES, Greenwich, 28:50.7; NORA SHIMKO, Norwalk, 28:52.8; ALEXANDRA HEES, Yonkers, NY, 28:56.9; KATE TABNER, Greenwich, 28:57.4; KATHARINE ROTH, Greenwich, 28:57.5; JEB BUCK, Greenwich, 29:03.8; ERIC MOORE, Stamford, 29:05.7; DAVID EDWARDS, Riverside, 29:11.9; JOHN SPANG, Old Greenwich, 29:19.9; JENNA MACRAE, Louisville, KY, 29:22.1; DANIEL STEWART, Greenwich, 29:25.5; EILEEN STEWART, Greenwich, 29:26.0; LUKE SANTEE, Chappaqua, NY., 29:32.8; BRYAN SANTEE, Chappaqua, NY, 29:38.9; MARIANNE SANTEE, Chappaqua, NY, 29:39.0; CHRISTIAN ROTH, Greenwich, 29:40.1; BRYAN PINO, Stamford, 29:48.7; PHILIP RUPPEL, Riverside, 29:55.5; JARED YOUNG, Stratford, 29:55.6; EDWARD MOORE, Cos Cob, 30:07.7; RODRIGO PEREIRA SANCHES PLACIDO, Greenwich, 30:07.8; DIEGO PLACIDO, Greenwich, 30:08.0, RICK SALAVERRIA, Old Greenwich, 30:19.9; SASHA COHEN, Greenwich, 30:20.9; AUDREY ONSDORFF, Greenwich, 30:24.1; MICHAEL THOMPSON, Norwalk, 30:31.5; LAURA ELWOOD, Bedford, NY, 30:50.4; JASPER DAVIS, Riverside, 30:54.9; CHRIS DAVIS, Riverside, 30:55.3; JACK TULFER, Riverside, 30:56.8; MIKE TULFER, Riverside, 30:57.0; KATHARINE EWALD, Greenwich, 31:05.6; ALYSSA KELESHIAN, Greenwich, 31:05.8; KELLY TANENBAUM, Greenwich, 31:08.2;   MALCOLM POBJOY, Stamford, 31:16.3; PAULINE MILLARD, Cos Cob, 31:18.7; ALLYSON BUCK, Greenwich, 31:19.3; JOONUN CHOI, Old Greenwich, 31:41.1; PAMELA BLANCHETT, Greenwich, 31:47.8;  CHRISTOPHER LEISNER, Port Chester, 31:52.3; BRUCE GOULART, Newtown, 31:56.2; RUTH SREENAN, Cos Cob, 32:32.0; SUNNY SKELLY, Stamford, 32:41.7; DEBBIE MCGARRITY, Greenwich, 32:53.9; ALICIA GERBERT, Stamford, 32:56.5; DANIELLA MINI, Greenwich, 32:57.7; DIEGO RABELLINO, Greenwich, 32:58.8; SPENCER HARMAN, Greenwich, 32:59.9; SUSANA MENDOZA, Greenwich, 33:03.4; DIANA TRUJILLO, Greenwich, 33:06.2; PAT KENNEDY, Wilton, 33:09.8; KARINA MILLER, Cos Cob, 33:11.9; RACHEL GAINES, Greenwich, 33:21.4; JAMES CAMPBELL, Old Greenwich, 33:22.7; KEN CATINO, Greenwich, 33:24.4    SAIRA NASAR, Westport, 33:26.7;CHARLOTTE ROBERTS, Westport, 33:29.9; CHARLOTTE LUKAS KAISER, Hamburg, Germany, 33:32.6; UWE KAISER, Hamburg, Germany, 33:32.7; HENRY BAKER, Greenwich, 33:36.6; STEPHANIE SUCIC, Riverside, 34:00.0; HEATHER KYFF, Yonkers, NY, 34:07.6; TONI GENCARELLI, Cos Cob, 34:10.8; CHRISTA HARTCH, Greenwich, 34:28.8; ETHAN CHALMERS, Riverside, 34:58.4; PATRICIA BROWN, Malverne, NY, 35:05.0; AMY FROMME, Scarsdale, NY 35:32.1; ARMAN JOHAR, Greenwich, 36:00.0; MATT MOORE, Cos Cob, 36:00.6; JEFF DILL, CANTON, 36:11.8; LUIS VARGAS, Stamford, 36:12.1; ANDREW THOMPSON, Norwalk, 36:25.6; CRISTELLE SENS-CASTET, Greenwich, 36:30.8; MARGARET PETTY, Greenwich, 36:32.7; ROGER YOUNG, 36:41.8; JOHN NICOLAIS, Mahopac, NY, 36:56.1; PATRICIA DORLING, Cos Cob, 37:34.4; WILLIAM DORLING, Cos Cob, 37:35.1; NICK OHNELL, Greenwich, 37:56.8; EILEEN KIM, Greenwich, 37:57.0; STEVEN GUSTAVSON, Greenwich, 38:21.5; DYLAN CHALMERS, Riverside, 39:31.2; DEREK CHALMERS, Riverside, 39:31.4; ELAINE GENCARELLI, Greenwich, 39:57.1 ; JOHN GIBBONS, Old Greenwich, 40:11.3; RYAN KENNEDY, Middletown, 40:11.7; MARIKO IWATA, Mamaroneck, NY, 40:22.6; MAYA SEVANA JOHAR, Greenwich, 42:05.0; MANDEEP JOHAR, Greenwich, 42:23.4; CHASE GRASSO, Eastchester, NY, 43:14.9; ANTHONY TERRANOVA, Eastchester, NY 43:21.5 ;  RACHEL TERRANOVA, Eastchester, 43:21.6

The Jim Fixx Memorial Day Run also drew a lot of youngsters.

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