Brunswick School

Brunswick School ice hockey team honors Teddy Balkind with a bronze plaque on Hartong Rink’s balcony

Photo by David Fierro: The Brunswick School ice hockey team has a plaque on the balcony at the school’s Hartong Rink in memory of Teddy Balkind, who died at the age of 16 during an accident while playing hockey for St. Luke’s School at Brunswick School’s Hartong Rink this past January. The team held also held a moment of silence in his honor.

Prior to the Brunswick School ice hockey team’s season-opening game against Loomis Chaffee School on Thursday evening, the Bruins paid tribute to Teddy Balkind, a student at St. Luke’s School, who died while playing in a junior varsity hockey game against Brunswick at Brunswick’s Hartong Rink on Jan. 6, 2022, in an on-ice accident.

Brunswick unveiled a plaque on its balcony at Hartong Rink, which is located high above the ice. The bronze plated plaque reads: The Balkind Balcony – Dedicated by the Students, Faculty, Alumni and Parents of Brunswick School

Balkind, who died after accidently being injured in the game while skating on the ice, was 16 years old. Members of the Brunswick and Loomis Chaffee teams gathered near center ice prior to their game Thursday evening for a moment of silence in honor of Balkind and Bruins assistant coach Ron VanBelle addressed the crowd with a speech in remembrance of Balkind.

The plaque on Hartong Rink’s Balcony, which is now called the Balkind Balcony, also reads: In memory of Benjamin ‘Teddy’ Balkind November 9, 2005 – January 6, 2022

Brunswick’s hockey team gathers while raising their sticks in memory of Teddy Balkind.

Etched on the plaque is a poem by written by British Victorian poet A.E. Housman titled, “To An Athlete Dying Young.”

Brunswick issued a release in honor of Teddy Balkind.

“As we prepare to begin a new hockey season this evening, our hearts and minds remain with Teddy Balkind and his family.

In the days, months and years ahead, we will all continue to play in Teddy’s honor. One shift. One period. One game at a time. It’s the hockey way. And the way our community will celebrate Teddy’s life and carry forth his spirit — now and forever.
In his permanent remembrance, the Brunswick community has resolved to dedicate Hartong Rink’s Balcony in Teddy’s name — and to commemorate this dedication with a plaque cast in bronze, now installed just inside the balcony’s entryway.
On the Balkind Balcony, Teddy will have the best view in the house, and will forever watch over us and a game that he loved.
Visitors to Hartong Rink are always welcome to stop at the balcony for moments of personal reflection and tribute to Teddy.”

Brunswick coach Mike Kennedy spoke of how the team is remembering Balkind.

“It’s a reminder for all of us that we have to take advantage of every opportunity that we have together, playing the game that we love,” Kennedy said. “It’s a tragic event and a reminder for us to keep things in perspective and take advantage of every day we get to play together. We all have it in the back of our minds and we want to do our best to pay tribute to him.”


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